Elevate IGA with AI-Powered Access Management Solutions.

Combines the flexibility of AI with the robust governance capabilities of IGA to deliver a streamlined, secure, and user-friendly experience.

  • 40% enhance User Experience.
  • 30% increase efficiency.
  • 20% improve security.
  • 20% impact on Maintenance.

Improved User Experience

Experience a new level of simplicity in access management. With AccessBot as the front-end, users make requests through simple conversations, while IGA handles the rest.

Conversational Access Requests. AccessBot's conversational interface lets users request access through simple, natural-language interactions.

Reduce Complexity. Say goodbye to complex forms and the challenge of finding the correct roles among thousands.

Instance Recommendations. Users can manage their access needs without heavily relying on IT support, reduce frustration and delays by creating a smoother process.

Improved Productivity. Smoother access requests and instant recommendations lead to quicker approvals and fewer delays, boosting productivity and user satisfaction.

Unlock the Power of AI for IGA.

Self Service

AccessBot serves as a conversational interface for IGA, streamlining user requests while IGA manages automated workflows and approval chains.

Identity Lifecycle

Automate provisioning and de-provisioning based on user roles, departments, and lifecycle events. This integration ensures smooth onboarding, transfers, and offboarding.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Ensure consistent access recommendations aligned with predefined roles and permissions, aligned with IGA's compliance..

Rules Checks

Ensure compliance with grant, deny and SOD rules, maintaining robust governance and security.

Unified Audit and Reporting

AccessBot feeds activity logs into IGA's audit and reporting systems, creating a unified view of access-related events for better governance.

Reduced Integration Complexity

By integrating only with IGA, AccessBot reduces the need for direct integration with each application, simplifying setup and maintenance.

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Open source edition is also available in GitHub